May 12, 2024: Due to a high number of repairs already in the queue, I am unable to accept additional work until around mid June.

DSC_3438I am Vlado Karamitrov (amateur radio callsign N3CZ) and I am a professional radio electronics engineer. I am located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

By profession, I work on a wide array of two-way communications systems for a prominent innovator in the world of mobile communications. In the past I have been involved with component level repair and maintenance of a wide variety of analog and digital radio communications equipment and systems, for commercial, marine, avionics and amateur radio.

At home, I’m an avid amateur radio DXer and Contester and also spend time building original, home-brew transceivers and antennas. I also love repairing ailing electronics in my spare time.

I love a good challenge…!



While I can, of course, make what I consider minor repairs to radio equipment (replacing finals, faulty components, etc.), I love the more challenging cases.

If you have a piece of equipment you would like to bring back to life, contact me! For the cost of shipping and a modest bench fee, you’ll know whether your equipment can be repaired or not. In almost every case, as long as parts are available, I can bring your equipment back into service!

Please use my contact form and be as specific as possible in your request. Alternatively send me an email:   vlado  @

Note: Due to time availability I no longer work on amplifiers and antenna tuners. My current focus are solid state equipment only, mainly shortwave receivers and Amateur Radio HF Transceivers. Although I work on most models, I avoid some models due to availability of spare parts. Contact me via email for your specific repair needs and I will try to accommodate.